Swimming, we search for balance, keeping afloat, respecting the power water has over us. Once we feel the balance, we stay afloat and move swiftly through water, creative in our agility.

Having two sons, I hoped that they would find balance in their lives, after they weathered the trials of youth. How could I impart balance without acknowledging that the search has eluded me many times? Now I know that balance is integral to a meaningful life.

All things strive to find balance. These are dangerous times to raise sons. Their choices and influences come from many sources, parental voices among them. What influence do we have? Are they born with their destinies already imprinted?

Sons & Father, a collection of prints, reflects my hopes and fears of being a father. My children have opened my eyes to a world of sorrow and beauty.

The book can be purchased from the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art:

Sons and Father, Engravings by John Mcwilliams